The Athletic

August 23, 2019

Hello – I’m now a full-time writer for The Athletic.

It’s a sport-only, subscription-based sports website that focuses on good, intelligent, in-depth features – I’ve written more about why I’ve joined here. There’s around 40 other journalists, all covering British/European football, so there’s an incredible amount of good content on there.

Here’s the kind of thing I’ll be doing:

A Serie A season preview looking at how Maurizio Sarri, Antonio Conte and Carlo Ancelotti represent different strands of Italian football ideology

How Kevin De Bruyne’s slight change of role v Spurs made him so influential

The new goal-kick laws and how they help teams play out from the back

Why Manchester City don’t concede goals

And lots of other features / analysis / etc. Probably 3-4 articles a week from me, and there will be hundreds on the site overall every week.

If you subscribe for a year before the end of August, you can get 50% off using this link – – so it works out as £2.49 per month, which I think is pretty decent value. You can also do a free trial.

Updates on here will be (even more) sporadic. Hope you give The Athletic a try – if so, thanks very much!