ZM joins Football Collective

February 10, 2015

Zonal Marking is pleased to be the latest blog added to the Football Collective network.

Football Collective is a place that brings bloggers together to provide a 360-degree view of the game’s biggest stories.

Established in Berlin, Germany, but with its partner blogs located around the world, Football Collective is a blog aggregator cut from a different trikot.

FC is committed to preserving the identity its partner blogs have long established, while also empowering them to concentrate on what they love most – covering their respective clubs.

Valuing quality over quantity, Football Collective’s focus is not breaking news but breaking through the barriers that bloggers may face, bringing the fierce devotion to their clubs to one network.

This week’s analysis of Atletico 4-0 Real is an example of how the partnership will work – with a widget displaying links to high-quality articles about the same game.