A look at the Performa Sports iPad app

December 9, 2011

Keeping track of in-game statistics and events is rather difficult with a pen and paper.

That’s where the new Performa Sports iPad app comes in handy. Built for football analysts to analyse their sides’ (and opponents’) performance without having to recruit outside agencies, it allows live data analysis, as well as long-term collection of data from various matches.

The app is highly customizable to allow users to record exactly what they want. There is a basic template for events – shots, passes, tackles etc – but this can be edited to include anything. For example, if you only want to record when your team closes down the opposition, you can. Alternatively, you can focus upon a particular player and log specific actions for his position.

The first step is to set up your team. The sample match we’re using is Newcastle v Chelsea from the weekend, focusing upon the away side. Therefore, the starting XI is entered along with their position and their squad number.

Pictures for individual players can also be uploaded:

Next, you enter which events you’re looking to track. We’re going to include everything Chelsea did in the first ten minutes of the Newcastle game, so have gone for a broad selection of the main events in a football match:

Then, you set up the game, and we’re into the main match screen. Here, once you’ve started the match, there are three simple steps to log events. First, the type of event – for example, a pass. Then, the condition of the pass – complete, incomplete, or whatever option you choose to make available. Finally, the squad number of the player – 8, in Lampard’s case, as shown below. This process is repeated for every event you want to record.

The whole point of the app, of course, is so you can analyse the statistics after the match. There are various ways to do this – for example, you can take the individual game, select a certain event (completed passes) and find out which players have contributed to them:

Or you can select an individual player and review his stats over a longer period – the whole season, if you’ve logged the stats:

And, best of all, if you have the video of matches to upload onto the iPad, you can sync the events with the video, then go through, select an individual event (or filter all events to be shown a succession of particular incidents) and be shown the video of it.

Analysts for football clubs will certainly find it useful, and since (with a little practice) you only need one person to log the data for each match, it should be easy to build up a good bank of actions for your team. The crucial part of the app is how customizable it is – being able to determine which events you want to log means it’s extremely adaptable. It’s also possible to use the app for rugby, Gaelic football and hurling.

Visit www.performasports.com for more information or download the app at http://bit.ly/performasports.