Bolton’s only problem against Chelsea – they didn’t test Cech

April 13, 2010

A tremendous performance from Bolton tonight at Stamford Bridge in defence and midfield – they kept both Drogba and Anelka largely quiet aside from the goal, and Ricketts and Muamba battled brilliantly in the centre against Lampard and Ballack.

Unfortunately, if you don’t get any shots on target, you’re not going to win the game – and this was exactly the problem tonight.

Indeed, goalscoring has been their problem since Owen Coyle took over as Bolton manager. Incredibly, they have scored in only 5 of 16 matches under his leadership.

Even in the one match they scored big in, against Wigan, they were flattered by the scoreline based on how many goalscoring opportunities the two sides created.

by Guardian Chalkboards

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