Darren Fletcher on his best behaviour after Arsene Wenger criticism

February 1, 2010

After Arsenal’s 1-2 defeat at Old Trafford earlier in the season, Arsene Wenger made a point of singling out Darren Fletcher for criticism:

“There are other points that, for me, are more urgent – players who play only to make fouls, who make repeated fouls and are never punished. They get out of the game without a yellow card, but I think it is more anti-football than a player who did what Eduardo did (dived to win a penalty against Celtic).

“Look at how many deliberate fouls some players make and get away with it. I think that’s a bigger problem because it cuts the flow of the game every time. People come and pay to see football. They do not come to see free-kicks.”

Fletcher himself seemed quite upset by the comments, and Sir Alex Ferguson went out of his way to defend his player before United’s 1-3 thrashing of Arsenal.

And Wenger had no grounds for complaint this time – Fletcher didn’t commit a single foul in the game.

by Guardian Chalkboards

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