Christopher Samba – a rock at the heart of the Blackburn defence

January 31, 2010

If Sam Allardyce had a footballer-making machine, and wanted to create a centre-back, you get the feeling he’d produce something along the lines of Christopher Samba. 6′4, brave, consistent, unfussy and completely dominant in the air.

Quietly, Blackburn have crept into the top half of the table, although they do have a very bad defensive record. They do depend heavily on Samba in that respect – the way the Blackburn defence self-destructed to concede six against Aston Villa when Samba was sent-off demonstrates this well.

This chalkboard shows how important Samba is for them – in his last two Premiership games he’s contested 28 challenges and won 23 of them, many in the air.

by Guardian Chalkboards

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