The woes of Michael Owen detailed

January 23, 2010

When will we get to the point where no-one will bother questioning Michael Owen’s omission from the England squad?

For many, that point has long passed, although certain media pundits insist that Owen deserves his place in Capello’s 23. The reason Owen deserves to be considered, apparently, is that he is England’s best ‘natural born finisher’, but the fact remains that he’s not even the best English finisher at Manchester United.

See this chalkboard of today’s game against Hull. Wayne Rooney only had one more shot from inside the area than Owen, but ended up with four more goals.

Sadly, Owen can’t even claim to have had a hand in Rooney’s terrific performance – three of Rooney’s goals came in the eighteen minutes where Berbatov was on the pitch in place of Owen.

by Guardian Chalkboards

Indeed, Owen’s game has changed so much since he lost his pace, that a better argument for his inclusion might well be his link-up play, as he demonstrated against Hull:

by Guardian Chalkboards

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